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the centroid of the mechanism.

(if you get the reference, you're awesome.)

Agent Asterisk here.

waiting for OUAT S04,
marathoning Hunter X Hunter when my little sister's around,
celebrating (and mourning for) Lelouch's brilliance,
trying to work my hardest on my (hopefully!!!) final semester
and, legitimately trying to catch some Z's.

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C.C.: Within the endless flow of time, I’m alone
Lelouch: You are not alone. If you are witch, I will become a warlock

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i wonder if love is really supposed to be selfish
"i want her to be happy because it makes me happy"
"i love her because she has given me hope"
"i love her because she has shown me the way"
"i love her because she’ll never hurt me"
"i love her because having her in my life has caused my life to be good"
etcetera, etcetera

i also wonder if love is really supposed to be altruistic in nature
"i’ll die for her because i love her"
"i’ll cross oceans just to make sure she’s okay"
"i’ll go against all odds for her"
etcetera, etcetera

should it be a balance of both?
or, better yet: can’t love be independent of the self?
can’t one just love someone without having to think of oneself too much (or without having to think of losing oneself too much for the sake of it)?
this way, it would be a feeling bordering a bit more into the absolute, since you’re being neither selfish or selfless.
"i love her because she is who she is"
'i love', signifying some sort of preference or gravitation towards 'her'. net is zero.
nothing lost, nothing gained.

another thought:
can love have a hierarchy within itself? if so, is romantic love at the top? filial? platonic? agape? would the hierarchy be based on immensity, or maybe on expectations—— or rather: does everyone feel it the same way to be able to produce a general hierarchy all of us could be able to agree to?

lol sleepy thoughts, sorry aghhh hahaha

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… this song, though.

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Someone enjoyed #rabbithole’s set a bit too much. (Shh! He’s trying to remain in character!)

Someone enjoyed #rabbithole’s set a bit too much. (Shh! He’s trying to remain in character!)

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Super secret spies megaxgriffin and agentasterisk visit the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) for a super secret mission:
to watch a duo-piano concert
to criticize the art sprawled around the place!

"O eto, eto. Tignan mo to. Ni hindi nga white yung ‘white’ dito eh. More of beige nga siya o."

"Oo nga no. Sino ba gumawa nito."

"Arturo Luz daw."

"Ahhh shaks, si Arturo! Nako. Kaklase ko yan nung college."

"Ah weh? San mo naging kaklase, pri?"

"Alam mo yung Color Theory 101?"

"Ahh putek."

"Kaklase ko ‘to dun eh. Di yan pumapasok."

"Si pareng Arturo? Kaya siguro ganito yung kulay."

"Oo! Ang daya nga eh! Naka-dos pa rin si loko sa lagay na yan. Close sila nung prof eh."

"Ahh putek. Friends."

"Ang weird nga mag-isip nun eh. Sobrang unfathomable yung level of understanding niya sa mga bagay-bagay. Tignan mo, nagawa nga niyang beige ang white."

"Oo nga eh. Napakamillenial nga mag-isip."

"True. Yun nga lang, dahil dun, medyo lumalayo yung mga tao sa kanya. Kaya nga tignan mo yang nakasulat, pre."

"… undated?"


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Today marks the 7th anniversary of the dedication of Gerhard Richter’s “Cathedral Window” in Cologne, comprised of 11,500 squares of glass in 72 colors.

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(via A Softer World: 1143)

(via A Softer World: 1143)

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Saturday’s #ootd

Saturday’s #ootd

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With my little sister <3

With my little sister <3

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